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Fresh Produce isn’t only vitally important for a nutritious & balanced healthy diet, it’s also the honest foundation needed for every kitchen looking to produce the delicious taste of good food.

Purveyors of Quality since 1933; we understand what it takes to keep produce “morning fresh” whilst maintaining product availability throughout the year. Our seasonal range is expansive; with over 1000 different lines – our customers know they can rely on us to deliver even the most exotic of requests.

All of our fresh produce is sourced from local markets, growers & importers who achieve only the highest standards – Class 1. Cutting no corners lies at the core of our philosophy.

Our produce is hand selected on a daily basis, providing rigorous quality controls and convenience to our customers with every order. The vast majority of products are available in three main weights/sizes:

Each • Per Kilogram • Box

To help navigate through our comprehensive product range, we’ve simplified our produce lists into nine main categories below.

Browse through our fresh produce guide and discover the world of healthy living.

With such a vast array of products, not all will appear on our website, but rest assured, form an English Cox to a Dragon Fruit – we will have it. For a full and comprehensive product range, please get in touch and speak to one of our friendly advisors who will be more than happy to assist with any request.

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