Humble beginnings


Born in the 19th Century, 1888, a young family member named Arthur Brett took his first breath in the suburbs of Birmingham – Aston. Growing up, he gained invaluable knowledge and experience, fostering an appetite for trade at an early age through the family poultry and shop-keeping business.

Specialising in the finest meats, sourced from local farmers bringing livestock into Birmingham on a daily basis, gave birth to a unique dedication and outlook towards the fresh produce industry. The foundations of which, paved the way for Arthur Brett’s passion to live on into the following century. 

It was here – Our Story – Our Trade – Our Journey began


Arthur Brett soon became accustomed to the fast paced life of fresh produce, with an acute awareness of how integral Birmingham Markets were to the local population; in a bygone era, when supermarkets and international exotic produce were merely tales of fiction.

During the 19th and early 20th century, Birmingham, ‘the city of a thousand trades’, witnessed an exponential increase in population; with that in mind, Arthur Brett understood the importance of further expanding the range of fresh produce brought daily to Birmingham Markets – the demand to feed the ‘workshop of the world’, the beating heart of England, had never been greater.

After many successful years of trading, it wasn’t long before Arthur Brett decided to try something new, diversify and expand in to Horticulture Wholesale, serving local shop-keepers and tradesman from Birmingham and the surrounding conurbations. With a dedication to providing the freshest local produce, Arthur Brett Ltd established in 1933 – opening its doors to trade in the ornate Victorian grandeur of the bustling Birmingham Smithfield Market.

1933 was the cornerstone to our philosophy; a tireless dedication to local produce, sourcing only the finest quality available and understanding the delicate balance between business and society. Some of those old partnerships with growers and stakeholders, which were struck up over half a century ago, are still connected with us today. It’s this legacy of our business – honesty, integrity and longevity that has become synonymous with Arthur Brett – unrivalled in our sector; providing the firm roots to our success. 

Expansion and the Swinging Sixties

After years of rationing, the thrift of war was finally easing, providing the platform for the swinging sixties and prosperity. An enterprising new wave of hotels, pubs and restaurants sprouted up, providing an exciting new avenue of custom to serve.

Firmly rooted in Wholesale, our ambition to meet the expectations of our ever expanding customer base, coupled with the emergence of transport and distribution (the motor vehicle) brought about another defining moment in our history and one that would become the main focus of future trading.

The investment in a fleet of vehicles enabled Arthur Brett to service a largely unexplored sector; giving schools, hospitals, restaurants and customers alike, in some cases for the first time, the guaranteed ability of fresh produce delivered daily.

Modern Era


Our passion and commitment to promoting healthy living hasn’t wavered since our doors first opened in 1933. Our fleet of vehicles have organically grown alongside our expanding range of exotics and readily prepared vegetables; once again, providing a greater choice and convenience to our customers.

With decades of dedication to the Public sector – caring about the health of our community – provided the passion and commitment to ensure the free School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme (SFVS) became a nationwide success. Since conception, Arthur Brett worked closely with Government and local authorities to make sure the first delivery wouldn’t be the last; enabling every child to enjoy the fruits of healthy living. It is an entitlement we have stood by for over a half-century.

Our energy, drive and commitment have only grown stronger since we established in 1933.

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