The Bakers Dozen

Artisan, Cottage & Catering Bread

Baked daily, our fresh bread and pastries provide a range that suits all. From specialist local artisan and cottage bakers to some of the U.K’s largest bakeries, finding the perfect grain to match your requirement is our top priority. With such a diverse variety we are able to service, on an individual basis, the specific requirements of each customer, providing a unique combination of quality & choice.

To cater for the more traditional craft and artisan bakery products, our local independent bakers produce a superb range of traditional and individual breads, pastries and morning goods; all produced and certified to industry standards and regulations – falling in line with our ‘Committed Quality’ philosophy.

Catering Bread


Brown (24 +2 Slices)

White (24 + 2 Slices)


Brown (20+2 Slices)

Malted Wholegrain (20+2 Slices)

White (20 + 2 Slices)

Wholemeal (20 + 2 Slices)


Malted Wholegrain (14 + 2 Slices)

White (14 + 2 Slices)

Wholemeal (14 +2 Slices)

Premium Catering

Baps (Flour) – White (x4)

Finger Rolls – White (x6)

Hot Cross Buns (x4)


Brown (800g)

White (800g)


50/50 White & Wholemeal (800g)

Brown (800g)

White (800g)

Local Artisan


Brown (x6)

White (x6)


Harvester (Sliced 800g)

Harvester (Unsliced 800g)

White (Sliced 800g)

White (Unsliced 800g)

Bridge Roll

Brown (x30)

White (x30)



Crusty Cobs (Each)

Finger Rolls (White x 6)

French Stick (Each)

Soda Bread


Harvester (Unsliced 800g)

White (Sliced 800g)

White (Unsliced 800g)

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