Dairy & Eggs

Early Risers to Grazing Pastures

Milk and dairy products serve as a good source for Vitamin D, Calcium, B12 and other essential nutrients. Fresh from the udder, our local dairies deliver – at the crack of dawn – a morning fresh taste that’s both consistently scrumptious and top quality each and every day

Our local partnership with dairies gives us direct access to a huge variety of cheeses, milk and creams. If you’re looking for even the most obscure products we guarantee we will go above and beyond to meet your requirements. All you need to do is just ask. Working with the nation’s largest yoghurt supplier – complementing our ‘natural’ range of yoghurts – our customers are provided with a truly impressive range of dairy items – catering for all occasions.

Scouring the local countryside for the finest free-range hens, our working relationship with Lion Quality standard egg farmers has lasted decades. Eggs store significant amounts of choline and protein, adding important nutrients to their multi-purpose use in the kitchen. Serving early risers to evening diners, our eggs are graded to the highest standards ensuring a consistent first class product with each and every delivery. The conventional egg isn’t all we offer: if you’re looking for something a little different – quail or duck – just ask a member of our team to enquire about the availability of our delicacies.



Butter (250g)

Butter (2kg)

Butter Portions (x100)


Margarine (2kg)

Margarine – Clover (2kg)

Sunflower (2kg)

Sunflower Portions (x100)


Cream Portions (x100)

Crème Fraiche (200g)

Crème Fraiche (2kg)

Double Cream (250ml)

Double Cream (1/2gal)

Single Cream (250ml)

Single Cream (1/2gal)

Sour Cream (150ml)

Sour Cream (2ltr)

Spray Cream (Each)


 British Cheese


Cheddar Mature (2.5kg Block)

Cheddar Mature (5kg Block)

Cheddar Mature (2kg Grated)

Cheddar Mature (Wedge)

Cheddar Mild (2.5kg Block)

Cheddar Mild (5kg Block)

Cheddar Mild (2kg Grated)

Cheddar Mild (Wedge)

Cheddar Slices (x112)

Cheddar Vegetarian (2.5kg Block)

Cheddar Vegetarian (5kg Block)

Cheshire Cheese (2.27kg)

Red Leicester (Block)

Red Leicester (Wedge)

Stilton (1/2 Block)

Stilton (Wedge)

Wensleydale & Cranberry (Wedge)


Cottage Cheese (2kg)

Cream Cheese (2kg)


  Continental Cheese

Brie (Wedge)

Brie Wheel (Small)

Brie Wheel (Large)

Boursin (Wedge)

Camembert (Box)

Danish Blue (Wedge)

Dolcelatte (2kg)

Edam (Wedge)

Edam (Ball)

Feta (425kg Tub)

Goats Log

Gorgonzola (2kg)

Gruyere (1kg)

Mascarpone Cheese (2kg)

Mozzarella (Balls)

Mozzarella (Block)

Mozzarella (Grated)

Parmesan (Block)

Parmesan (1kg Grated)

Ricotta (1.5kg)

Roquefort (Wedge)


Long Life (500ml)

Milk Portions (x120)

Organic (1ltr)

Pasteurised (568ml)

Pergal Semi-Skimmed (13.6ltr)

Semi-Skimmed (568ml)

Semi-Skimmed (2ltr)

Skimmed (568ml)

Skimmed (2ltr)

Whole (1ltr)

Whole (2ltr)



Flavoured Yoghurt (5ltr)

Fruit Yoghurt (10 x 100g)

Greek Yoghurt (2kg)

Mixed Fruit Yoghurt – Low Fat (x12)

Mixed Fruit Yoghurt

Muller Products

Fruit Corner
Little Stars (6 x 6 x 45g)
Peach (12 x 100g)
Thick & Creamy (12 x 100g)
Toffee (12 x 100g)
Strawberry (12 x 100g)

Natural Yoghurt

Pot (454ml)

Yeo Valley Yoghurt (12 x 150g)


Free Range

Case (30 Dozen)


Lion Quality

Case (30 Dozen)


 Specialty Eggs

Duck Eggs

Quail Eggs

To order either call one of our representatives on 0121 643 6336 or click below

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