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Satisfying our fresh produce range, the kitchen stores offer the perfect culinary selection to help complement and finish meal preparation. Offering a variety of tinned produce, condiments, oils and beverages, our dedicated team ensures customers are never caught short of all necessities.


If you require products that do not appear online, don’t hesitate to ask a
member of our team if we stock your requirement. We are here to help.


Mayonnaise (5ltr)

Mayonnaise (x200)

Mustard (x400)

Salad Cream (x200)

Sauce – Brown (x200)

Sauce – Tomato (5ltr)

Sauce – Tomato (x200)

Sauce – Tartar (x200)

Vinegar – Malt (5ltr)

Vinegar – Malt (x200)


Beetroot (2.25ltr)

Branston (2.25ltr)

Cabbage (2.25ltr)

Gherkins (Jar)

Onions (2.25ltr)

Sweet Pickle (2.25ltr)

 Frozen Fruit Purees

Apple (1kg)

Apricot (1kg)

Banana (1kg)

Black Cherry (1kg)

Blackberry (1kg)

Blackcurrant (1kg)

Blueberry (1kg)

Coconut (1kg)

Kiwi (1kg)

Lime (1kg)

Mango (1kg)

Papaya (1kg)

Passion Fruit (1kg)

Pear (1kg)

Pineapple (1kg)

Plum (1kg)

Raspberry (1kg)

Strawberry (1kg)

 Fruit Juice

Apple (1ltr)

Cranberry (1ltr)

Grapefruit (1ltr)

Orange (1ltr)

Pineapple (1ltr)


Ackee (Large Tin)

Bacon (2.27kg)

Baked Beans (A10)

Cooking Oil (15ltr)


Pesto (Jar)

Tomatoes (Large Tin)

Tomatoes – Chopped (Large Tin)

Tomatoes – Plum (Large Tin)

Tuna (Large Tin)

Salt Fish (Pack)

To order either call one of our representatives on 0121 643 6336 or click below

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