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The Perfect Flavouring

Traditionally referred to as the leafy (green) parts of a plant, Herbs are the perfect additions to food flavouring.

From perennials like Thyme & Lavender, biennials such as Parsley or annuals like Basil, we stock the finest selection of Herbs daily – ensuring our fresh quality is never diminished.

For those looking to add something a little different; our ‘micro-herb’ selection ensure every dish is given the full opportunity to stand out from the crowd – offering the perfect alternative to the ‘cherry on top’. Whatever the occasion, whatever the Herb, Arthur Brett will only deliver the freshest selection daily.


Basil (PKT)

Bay leaves (PKT)

Chervil (PKT)

Chives (PKT)

Coriander (PKT)

Dill (PKT)

Lemongrass (Bunched)

Marjoram (PKT)

Mentha Leaves (Bunch)

Mint (PKT)

Oregano (PKT)

Parsley – Flat (PKT)

Parsley – Fresh (200g)

Rosemary (PKT)

Sage (PKT)

Sorrel (PKT)

Tarragon (PKT)

Thyme (PKT)


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