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Since conception we have understood the importance of caring for our customers. Building a long lasting partnership is essential to our client’s prosperity. Each and every year our management team reviews ways in order to improve the quality, reliability and distribution of our produce.


Meeting the high demands of the catering industry requires complete dedication. Our round-the-clock operations ensures our clients always have access to ordering facilities (for those last minute orders) and that our produce turnaround is kept to an absolute minimum; reducing distribution time from field to fork – preserving freshness and quality on a daily basis, offering constant refrigeration throughout.


Our handpicked, carefully selected produce is constantly checked through our cool-chain supply; from procurement & packaging right the way through to kitchen deliveries. Procuring the best available produce at the break of dawn provides our customers with a truly fresh experience.


Top to bottom our passion is unrivalled. From the first face you see to the last voice you hear, our dedicated team is always reliable, friendly and helpful – making any unforeseen circumstance that little bit easier – offering a personal touch that’s unrivalled in our sector.

With over a century’s worth of expertise in the field of fresh produce, our management team knows what is required, expected and demanded from the catering industry. Regular internal reviews are carried out, allowing us to continually keep ahead of the competition and constantly look at ways to improve our core operations.

With a temperature controlled storage and distribution; operating predominately throughout the West Midlands, our reach extends to a 40 mile radius of Birmingham City centre.

Unsure if our reach extends to you?

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